4 THE ANIMALS Necklace

4 THE ANIMALS Necklace


Why we do it. Stamped on a silver half moon pendant on a silver link chain.

Animals - They mystify us, so we enslave them, we torture them, we eat them, we wear them, we decide their fate, we decide which ones are deserving to be loved and which ones are doomed to a fate of despair, loneliness, deprivation of love, doomed in a hell until their final day awaits them, and they are on our plates, on our backs, on floors, on our feet, entertaining us, with no thought as to where and how they got there. We are brainwashed by the media, our parents, our friends, so we just decide to destroy everything about them. We disconnect to disassociate with the pain they endure. Those that see the beauty in all life, have a depth of perception, an inner knowing that animals, not just our pets - all deserve a life free from human greed. 

 – Karenna Love

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