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Elissa Sherr

December 3, 2017 was the day I went vegan. I found it a lot easier than I thought it would be because of Sande, an amazing vegan coach and animal rights activist. Sande has been an inspiration and wonderful teacher who has opened my eyes to the responsibility we all have - to be more conscious of our choices and behavior as living beings sharing our planet with other living beings, who are not necessarily human.
I started out slowly, incorporating more vegetarian meals into my repertoire. Then I stopped eating anything processed and eliminated all dairy. I bought Almond milk and replaced my regular milk with that. The hardest part was the difference in the taste of my coffee. (It never tasted light enough for me), but I found a few really delicious coffee creamers from Califia and Nutpods that I now use.  Finally, with Sande’s help, I made the leap to full vegan. 
Sande taught me how to replace vegan ingredients for the ones I used before to create delicious, satisfying meals. She gave me easy to make recipes for awesome meals (like tofu egg salad) and on our third coaching session, we even cooked an amazing vegan French onion soup (To die for!)
Now I cook every day and actually enjoy my meals more, because I feel amazing and I know I'm kinder to the animals and the planet. I cannot thank Sande enough for being such an amazing mentor and a guiding light for anybody interested in a more conscious, meaningful life and healthier lifestyle.

Tim Panzanaro

Recently I spent a day with Sande pursuing my curiosity into vegan plant-based eating. I truly had a fantastic coaching session with Sande.  She is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable person, as well as an amazing coach.

With Sande’s hands-on approach, we prepared recipes and discussed many alternative substitutions.

Sande provided me with sound general information that really put things into perspective for me and made the whole process simple and easy to understand.

Although I am not 100% vegan yet, I am well on my way. For those who have an interest in or curiosity about improving their health and eating a plant-based diet, I highly recommend that you utilize Sande and her in-depth knowledge, passion and effective coaching methods to help you achieve your goals!

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           & hearing about your progress!

Hi Sande - I thought I would give you a quick email update on my progress.
I ate vegan dinner on Tuesday evening after our meeting. I have followed the plan all day yesterday.
I can not believe it (and I am happy to share,) after only a few days I awoke this morning with no swelling
or hives for the first time in 3 months. Wow, can it really be this easy to clear things up and heal my body? 
I am so grateful for our session. I am truly on my way to healing myself…Thank you!   Warm Regards,  Susan