Peridot & Citrine Yoga-Inspired Necklace

Peridot & Citrine Yoga-Inspired Necklace


This necklace was created in the image of my favorite season - Autumn. A magical time of color and crisp sunshine. A time that teaches us about transition. Made with two sizes of beautiful green Peridot, Citrine, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver, you will love to adorn yourself in this Sundara "Autumn Splendor" Necklace.

Peridot helps one to understand the changes going on in their life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible. Used for prosperity, growth, openness. Helps to stimulate tissue regeneration. Brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healings of all kinds. Peridot is especially good for healing in relationships...easing anger, jealousies, and strengthening marriage bonds. Peridot is also protecting.

Citrine prepares your body, emotions, and mind to accept a greater flow of the yellow color ray. The yellow ray is the aspect of the life force that helps us release what no longer serves us and to accept what we need in order to move to the next higher state. This aspect of Citrine also has a greater overall purpose - to help you fulfill your spiritual potential by encouraging you to embrace ever-greater states of consciousness. This stone brings a bright, sunny, sensual warmth to your life.

May this necklace remind you of the impermanence of all things and to accept the constant transitions of life. Namaste.

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