Buddha Mala Necklace

Buddha Mala Necklace


“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”
~ Buddha

Keep the peacefulness of the Buddha close to your heart as you adorn yourself in this stunning Sundara "BuddhaFull" Necklace. Made with Goldstone & Hematite, with Citrine at the Sterling Clasp, the Buddha Pendant gently sits, reminding us of our inner peacefulness.

Goldstone is a human made stone, comprised of glass infused with flecks of Copper. It is believed to store the energy of those who touch it, making it an excellent gift for loved ones who are far away. It also contains the properties of copper; uplifting, helpful for stomach tension, and for protection of the center of the body. It is said to be a good 'conductor' of energies from the higher realms to our world. Perhaps this is why Copper has long been used as a healing talisman, as in the Copper bracelets worn to treat arthritis.

Hematite is called the "stone of the mind". It helps with memory, with intellectual knowledge and the realizations of limitations. It is a calming stone and balances the nervous system or brings balance between the body, mind and spirit. It helps in attaining a meditative state and to feel more grounded - one of the most grounding stones among all.

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